Park Place
Hillview Apartments
Woodside Terrace
New Construction


Mirus Partners works closely with communities to develop new rental communities that either target older adults or workforce housing, as well as incorporate housing for residents in need of supportive services. 

Historic Rehabilitation


Mirus Partners has extensive experience preserving and transforming unique historic buildings into rental communities. These projects many times act as economic catalysts for additional redevelopment and rehabilitation in areas that are in need of repositioning.

Acquisition and Redevelopment


Many rental housing communities that were developed in the 1960s and 1970s have fallen into disrepair, or have serious management issues. These communities in many cases become nuisances and community liabilities, and can act as an impediment to revitalization efforts. Mirus Partner’s portfolio includes residential rental communities that were acquired and improved with a significant infusion of capital investment to improve, reposition and preserve these communities.



Mirus Partners is intently focused on the diligent and responsible development, acquisition and asset management of high-quality projects, with an emphasis on the creation and preservaiton of long-term value. Our experience gives us the ability to identify and maximize opportunities in development, acquisition, redevelopment and rehabilitation. You can view our portfolio of work in these various areas below.